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2005-02-01 - 5:42 p.m.

You know how really smart people write down deep ass quotes from like... The Beatles... or Bob Dylan... or... Hoobastank? And they think it mean some big deal 'bout they life? fsdkdc;madcmimd9.

Sorry, got a popcorn kernel stuck in the keyboard. Anyways... I gotta share a quote here, but I ain't tryin' to be deep or nothin'. I just want to share my interpretation in hopes it gives you greater clarity in life and the very nature of faith. So here it is. Took it from an old PM Dawn song... sorry, took it from THE old PM Dawn song. Like they had more than one... girl...

Careless whisper from a careless man,
A neutron dance for a neutron fan;
Marionette strings are dangerous things,
I thought of all the trouble they bring.
An eye for an eye, a spy for a spy,
Rubber bands expand in a frustrating sigh.

You gon' say what? Let me break this shit down, like some Ezra Frost. Because I am educated, that's why...

"Careless Whisper" is a song by George Michael, so this part about him bein' "careless" in that gentlemen's bathroom that one time. Now the "Neutron Dance" is a song by my girls, the Pointer Sisters, so they there, too. Then he talk about a marionette, which is French for "puppet" (because I am educated, that's why), and there's one of them there now.

So, it's a public men's room, George Michael, the Pointer Sisters, and a puppet. And lord do you have "trouble" now... cuz George raisin' he flag with an undercover policeman 'tendin' he gay, the Pointers just burnin' doin' they Neutron Dance and the puppet just watchin' which is just terrible, because all the puppets I know is adolescent... like, uh... uh... what's he name? Pinocchio. He too young for all that nonsense! Eye for an eye mean he should cover he eyes. Spy for a spy... well, that's the policeman. He undercover.

Rubber bands expand in a frustrating sigh............ Yeah, well come on, I didn't say I had a PhD in Musicology lyricism. Five stanzas outta six ain't bad.

Meanwhile, you know Microsoft Word ain't givin' me the squiggly red "you spelled this word wrong" line for "Musicology"? Prince be gettin' his vocabulism out there! Oh, lord. They got Musicology, but not vocabulism. The kids and they slang.

Ew. You ever got yo mouth full of popcorn and then sneeze? That shit in yo hand afterwards is what they should make people on Fear Factor eat. Ain't nothin' right in there. Boogers, popcorn pieces, wet kernel skins, broken tooth, more boogers... Drink a shot of that, you skinny bitch. And why you wearin' a bikini? That's what I don't get 'bout Fear Factor. No matter if they in the water or not, them bitches ALWAYS wearing a bikini. Like guys gonna be checkin' you out when you eatin' cow uterus. Please.

What do you do when you see someone from your past somewhere and you really want to run into them so you have to talk, but you don't want it to seem staged... And what if the place you see them is in they house through they window... Every night... And they getting dressed 'fore bed... And they got a restraining order on you... Framed in the window... Now, what do you do to make the run-in less awkward?

I'm talkin' 'bout my ex-boyfriend, Rogers Phil. No, that ain't last name first, first name last. That's he name. Rogers Phil. And don't bring up that he first name should be he last name or he last name should be he first name 'cuz his first name is Rogers and he last name is Phil and he homicidal.

But he damn fine. And I kinda want to rekindle. Just 'cuz the flame done blown out, don't mean I ain't got a wick. OK, that didn't come out right. Leitina ain't no shemale. It was a metaphor. The wick is just really long which means I could use it agai... you know what?

Any ideas be much appreciated. Otherwise, I'll just put him right back with the rest. That's the way it goes... I guess.

'Til sooner I promise...

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